CUG: CUG Course “Cultural and Natural Heritage” Appears on TV

The first episode of the course “Cultural and Natural Heritage”, presented by CUG team led by associate professor LI Jiangmin from the Department of Tourism Management, School of Economics and Management, was broadcast on Wuhan Education Television’s “Science Lecture Hall” on March 24.

Cultural and natural heritage is the masterpiece of human ancestors and nature. What is world heritage? What are the characteristics of each world heritage site in different times? What is the value of world heritage and what is the future of it? The course “Cultural and Natural Heritage” provides insightful answers to these questions. Starting with the origin and development of world heritage, the course leads the audience to appreciate the essence of ancient architecture, classical gardens, ancient cities and dwellings, imperial tombs, beautiful mountains and waters, mysterious fossils, and many other heritage resources through 12 topics with both professional and attractive narration. The beautifully presented course spreads historical and cultural knowledge and explores nature, allowing the audience to know, appreciate, and love heritage and to form a consensus on the protection of cultural and natural heritage while they appreciate it.

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