CUG Hosts 2020 China Deep Geothermal Forum

CUG held 2020 China Deep Geothermal Forum from November 27 to 29, 2020. This meeting focused on the theories and technologies of deep geothermal geology and its exploration, development, and utilization. More than 400 experts, scholars,and professionals from universities, research institutes, and industrial and government organizations attended the forum.

WANG Hua, Vice President of CUG, delivered a welcoming speech. He pointed out that the efficient development of geothermal resources was of strategic significance to improving the energy supply, alleviating the environmental pressures, and ensuring the sustainable development of the economy and society. He wished the forum would further deepen the cooperation among the participants.

REN Jianguo, Director of the Second Division of the Earth Sciences Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), introduced the country’s original policies oninnovation, and analyzed the currentstatus, opportunities, and challenges of geology. He pointed out that geothermal geology would become an important subject funded by the NSFC.

Prof. LI Gensheng, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice President of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), gave an invited talk entitled “Mechanism and Practice of High-Efficiency Drilling and Production of Deep and High-temperature Geothermal Energy”. CAO Yaofeng, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the steering committee of the National Geothermal Energy Center, gave an invited talk entitled “China’s Geothermal Industry on the Road to High-quality Development”. Prof. HOU Zhengmeng from Clausthal University of Technology in Germany and Prof. SHAO Haibing from the Helmholtz Environmental Research Center in Germany gave online talks of “Hydraulic Fracturing and Geothermal Development Frontiers of Hot Dry Rocks” and “Experience of German Geothermal Industry—a Case Study of Insheim Power Plant” respectively.

CUG President Wang Yanxin concluded the conference with a presentation entitled “Thoughts on the Formation Theory of the Deep and High Temperature Geothermal Resources”. He also expressed that this forum would help promote the understanding of deep geothermal geology and innovation in technology and strengthen the academic exchanges and cooperation.

In total, the participants gave over 50 reports, made over 20 poster presentations, and submitted over 30 papers.

12 Young scholars receive certificates for their outstanding reports

China Deep Geothermal Forum is initiated by CUG to share the geothermal knowledge, strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation between research, industry, and government, and promote the development of new theories and technologies.