CUG: Prof. YIN Hongfu Donates Another 500,000 RMB to Scholarship

On March 15, the birthday of Prof. YIN Hongfu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a ceremony was held for Prof. YIN’s donation to YIN Hongfu’s Golden Nail Scholarship.

The YIN Hongfu’s Golden Nail Scholarship was proposed by Prof. YIN Hongfu and Prof. TONG Jinnan in 2002. From 2002 to 2019, Prof. YIN gave the scholarship three infusions of over 600,000 yuan in total. 26 undergraduates and 6 teams received the scholarship during that period, totaling 171,000 yuan. This time, Prof. YIN again donated 500,000 yuan to the scholarship, and the amount of the award adds up to over 1.1 million yuan. The monetary award of the YIN Hongfu’s Golden Nail Scholarship is the highest for undergraduate students at CUG.

Prof. YIN expressed his great pleasure to make another donation to the YIN Hongfu’s Golden Nail Scholarship on the occasion of CUG’s 70th anniversary. He said that he hoped to make his own contribution to education through the Yin Hongfu’s Golden Nail Scholarship and looked forward to the future achievements of CUG students.

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