CUG: Seminar on Green Industrial Development Strategies of Wuhan Held at CUG

The Seminar on Green Industrial Development Strategies of Wuhan with the theme of “Low-carbon Innovation for Green Transition, Collective Ingenuity for Green Development” was held at CUG on November 6.

YE Xianlin, Vice President of Hubei Association for Science & Technology, said that in the context of China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, the key part of Wuhan’s green industrial development is to let the power of innovation drive us to upgrade our energy and industrial structures. He hoped that the attendees would jointly promote the development of green industries, share the experience of low-carbon technologies, and solve the problems of enterprises and industries, pulling efforts for strategic guidance and effective measures for the green industrial development of Wuhan.

Centering on “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals are the requirements of China’s internal high-quality development”, CUG President WANG Yanxin pointed out that urban development planning and industrial restructuring & upgrading are particularly important and urgent, and all of us need to actively respond to the call for the protection of the Yangtze River.

TIAN Qi, an official from the Department of Ecology and Environment of Hubei Province, hoped that we will devote greater efforts to carbon emission reduction and green transition for eco-environmental advancement.

The attendees discussed industrial green transition, shared cases of low carbon and innovation, and contributed ideas for the green development of Wuhan’s key industries. They came to a conclusion that measures including energy structural optimization, economic structural adjustment, development model transition and upgrading, energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement, and guidance of green transition for enterprises should be taken for the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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