CUG: State Key Laboratory of Biology and Environmental Geology Holds its Development Seminar

The State Key Laboratory of Biology and Environmental Geology (BGEG) held its development seminar on November 5. It was a both face-to-face and online seminar.

ZHOU Aiguo, Vice President of CUG, saw this seminar as an important initiative to promote integration among different disciplines. We should follow the development of the laboratory from the national, social and university levels, and work hard in right directions for achievements.

XIE Shucheng, Deputy Director of the BGEG, expected that the teams consider national needs, explore research paradigms in the post-pandemic era, and adjust to CUG’s organizational changes, making a contribution to the BGEG’s development.

YIN Hongfu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressed his gratitude for everyone’s contribution and efforts to the development of the BGEG while welcoming the new teams. He hoped that all teams could work in concerted efforts in the future for huge new successes.

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