announces Winner of Chief Excuse Officer Campaign

New Delhi: To all the procrastinators out there who are too lazy to achieve their fitness goals, organized an exciting campaign to spur the fitness goals amongst the Indian youth and recently announced their winner. Through this unique campaign, they rewarded the winner who laid off their fitness schedules for tomorrow by giving them the title of Chief Excuse Officer.

Ms. Disha Ragasumun of Mumbai was announced the campaign’s winner with 5012 votes as she became the first-ever Chief Excuse Officer of The new Chief Excuse Officer will be paid 1 Lakh rupees for three months as prize money, and her out-of-box answers will be used to create content on excuses on social media platforms.

The campaign aimed to educate and spread awareness amongst the masses about the need for fitness and give the much-needed push to those who do not consistently focus on their health and wellness. The main objective is to eradicate unhealthy lifestyle habits and motivate people to live healthier and happier lives.

Speaking on the campaign, Mohit Ahuja, Marketing Director at Cultbike, further said, “We are thrilled to announce our first ever ‘Chief Excuse Officer’. Our campaign idea is to create consumable and engaging fitness content for procrastinators and make them fall in love with fitness. With the winner of the campaign, we aim to work in this direction. This is yet another fabulous moment of creative work for the team.”, which has recently been acquired by, is set to change the landscape of the fitness industry by bringing forth campaigns that motivate the Indian masses to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.