Culture and Media Delegation from Saudi visits Peking University

In October 18, a delegation of ten Saudi statesmen led by Abdulaziz Bin Salamah, former Saudi vice minister of culture and media visited Peking University to have a discussion with representatives from Department of Arabic Language and Culture, PKU School of Foreign Languages in Room 401 of the SFL New Building. The meeting was presided over by Professor Fu Zhiming, vice president of the School of Foreign Languages, and attended by Professor Lin Fengmin, dean of the Arabic Department.

Professor Lin welcomed the delegation and introduced the history and current situation of the PKU Arabic Department, with a focus on the department’s international plan and practice. Professor Fu then talked about the general situation of PKU SFL and Arabic teaching in Chinese universities. Mr. Salamah reviewed the course of cultural communication between China and Saudi Arabia and prospected for the future development of bilateral cultural relations.

Finally, Professor Lin presented gifts to the representatives from Saudi Arabia. All took photos in the front of the SFL New Building. The delegation also visited the Peking University King Abdulaziz Public Library.