CuriousJr announces the result of the biggest All India Coding Championship

Gurugram: CuriousJr, an online coding platform for kids, organized the biggest All India Coding Championship on November 14, 2021, on Children’s Day to empower and encourage the future leaders of India. More than 25,000 students from across the country participated in the competition, hailing from states like UP, MP, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan in North and South States, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala.

The All India Coding Championship allows all young programmers from across the country to participate in the national-level competition. This kind of accessibility will enable kids from all around the country to shine and demonstrate their potential. The tournament was divided into Group A (4th to 8th) and Group B (9th to 12th). The top five winners in each group received an Rs. 10,000 educational scholarship.
“Winners were chosen on two criteria,” Janishar Ali, cofounder of CuriousJr., explained. “The first is the accuracy of the code, and the second is the time taken to solve the problem statement.”

The competition’s results were announced today. Sidhant from Raxaul won first place in Group A, and Sachidanand from Kushinagar bagged first place in Group B.
The Top 5 winners receiving scholarships in Group A (Class 4th to 8th) are
Rank-1: Sidhant, Class 8th, Raxaul
Rank-2: Likhit Kumbhare, Class 5th, Chennai,
Rank-3: Samir Kumar, Class 7th, New Delhi
Rank-4: Krishna Kumar, Class 8th, Motihari
Rank-5: Zuhair Mumtaz, Class 4th, Kanpur

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