CV and Cover Letter Competition

The annual competition is traditionally organized by the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities as part of activities to increase the academic mobility of students.
The competition was held at the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences. Contestants sought to demonstrate their skills in CV and cover letter writing in English in the nominations “For a vacant position in an international company” and “For study abroad”.

In 2021, more than 250 first and second year students of the directions “History of International Relations”, “Historical and Cultural Tourism”, “History of Russia”, “International Relations”, “Sociology”, “Social Work”, “Political Science” , “Education in Subject Areas (History and Social Science)” under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​in the Humanities (head of the department I.E. Abramova, senior teacher L.N. Yusupova, associate professor OM Sherekhova, associate professor E.P. Shishmolina, senior teacher A.V. Ananyina, senior teacher O.V. Vikulina).

All participants of the competition managed to creatively approach the task and demonstrate their skills in writing a foreign language, as well as a high level of self-presentation. Events of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities provide students with opportunities to show their abilities and realize their potential.

The purpose of the competition was to help students understand the importance of being able to write documents that reveal their qualities to a potential grantor or employer, as well as teach them to follow the required structure and rules for writing a CV and Cover Letter.

The winners of the qualifying round and finalists of the competition are:

Ruslan Guseinov, Roman Volkov (2 course, “Historical and Cultural Tourism”), Alina Shchekinova, Daria Kargapolova (1 course, “History of Russia”), Maxim Savich, Mark Gukkin (1 course, “Political Science”), Natalia Andreeva (1 course, “Sociology”), Anastasia Ermolaeva, Anastasia Loktionova (1st year, “Social Work”), Anastasia Khodchenkova, Maria Prokhorova, Dmitry Tarasov, Ekaterina Nikulina, Polina Shilovskaya (2nd year, “International Relations”), Olga Ryutkenen, Angelina Rukavishnikova, Victoria Honkanen (1st year, “History of International Relations”), Ksenia Palchikova, Alexandra Selina (2nd year, “Historical and Cultural Tourism”), Faina Ivashkina (1st year, “Education in Subject Areas (History and Social Science”).

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