Cyber Awareness & Gadget De-addiction Workshop by Twin Win


Noida: Twin Win Academy, a personality transformation organisation conducted a workshop at Grads International School, Greater Noida on ‘Cyber Awareness & Gadget De-addiction’ with school principals and management. 25 schools from Noida and Delhi NCR have participated in the workshop. The programme aimed to advise participants on cyber laws and most importantly about reducing screen hours to fight gadget addiction. Dr. Neeraj Pandey, Director Inspector of Schools, Greater Noida was the Chief Guest at the workshop.

“In order to be conscious about how technology is changing, how new business and education tools are emerging and touching greater heights but in the race to keep up the pace in all the spheres of life, we have forgotten and ignored the underlying fact that technology is changing our lives to the extent that it has not only changed our habits but has changed our entire personality”, shared Dr. Neeraj Pandey.

Dr. Roya Singh, Director, Grads International School, Greater Noida; Mrs. Aditi Basu Roy, Principal, Grads International School; Mr. Varun Pande, Vice President, TWIN WIN, Mr. Pankaj Vijay, Director, TWIN WIN Academy, Greater Noida, were the eminent guests present in the workshop.

The modern era is the era of technology and innovation leading to the usage of gadgets to make our lives simpler, faster and comfortable. The revolutionary smart phones have an impact on every facet of our lives, from the way we interact with people to the way we teach our kids.

“The new aspect to overcome the issue is to put limit on the usage of mobile phones by using gadgets within some bounds of time, by not falling prey to peer pressure and usually this happens amongst teenagers which create a negative degree of pressure on parents. It is vital to allocate time for self or me time to live a disciplined life and put off the distractions away and set the important task at priority list”, said Vaibhav Pande, CEO of TWIN WIN.

Anshul Vashisht, COO, TWIN WIN, opined, “The purpose of this programme was to overcome the problem of being socially awkward, improve concentration, feeling of guilt and anxiety, laziness and fight other physical symptoms like backache, headache, weight issues and strained vision. When we become conscious of our ‘gadget time’, many problems in our life fade away. In today’s era, we can’t live without technology, we just need to learn to become its master and not a slave.”

The Twin Win team has planned to conduct more such workshops on parenting, life skills management and other related personality transformation workshops.

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