CYPHER LEARNING releases new features for its products NEO and MATRIX

New Delhi: CYPHER LEARNING, the company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world, announced the launch of several new features for its two learning management systems (LMS); NEO, designed for schools and universities, and MATRIX, created for businesses.

The biggest update was made to the platforms’ learning paths feature. Learning paths are sequences of goals that students must complete one by one in order to achieve mastery of a topic. Usually a goal in a learning path represents a class, but CYPHER LEARNING has now launched the option to add individual certificates as goals. To complete goals that are represented by certificates, students must earn them by progressing through one of the classes that, at the end award the certificates.

The learning paths now have a more graphical design, which makes the learning experience more for students and employees. In addition to this, learning paths have also been integrated with the e-commerce system and users can set prices for them and sell them through the course catalog.

To better support competency-based learning, teachers and instructors can now associate individual questions in a quiz with competencies through the updated Mastery feature. This helps to get a more detailed understanding of how students and employees are understanding specific concepts and how they are performing for each competency based on multiple assessment methods. Teachers can also add competencies to criteria in rubrics.