D2C Enabler Shipway concludes its 3rd series of #EmpoweringD2C campaign along with the D2C brands Phool.co and Crossbeats


Mumbai : Shipway, one of the leading e-commerce enablers, conducted a webinar on ‘How D2C brands are gearing up for the festive season’ with two leading Indian D2C brands PHOOL.CO and CROSSBEATS as participants on 26th August, 2021.

To encourage the new D2C startups or to those who are struggling to scale up their D2C, Shipway began a series of webinars, inviting the emerging D2C brands and to discuss their growth journey.

D2C brands The tribe concepts and Green soul ergonomics had participated in the first series of the webinar where the discussion took place on their d2c Journey, challenges they overcame and the opportunity they see in the D2C industry.

In the 2nd series, Shipway invited Flatheads, all day sneakers brands, to be the panelist and discussed the importance of brand positioning.

In the third series, Shipway co-founder, Gaurav Gupta, moderated the discussion, with Abhinav Agarwal, co-founder Crossbeats and Apurv Misal, Head of Marketing and Sales at Phool.co as the panelists.

During the webinar, the leaders discussed the current challenges faced by the D2C brands and the strategy to overcome those challenges for the upcoming festive season.

“Growth has been phenomenal in the last 18 months because of the pandemic. Everyone is trying to buy Online stuff and now it has become the habit of the people. Festive season begins around the corner. I feel it is going to be the biggest of all time ,” said Gaurav Gupta during the discussion as he asked the panelists about their plans for the festive season.

Responding to the query, Abhinav Agarwal, said, “Growth in D2C space is especially covered with pandemic and this festive season has always been one of the key enablers for where people look forward to it. I mean if you look at buying patterns, the shipping behaviour especially for a lot of us it usually happens around the festive season be it gifting, be it for self-purchase or be it even in terms of how people look at the consumption, a lot of consumption comes around the festive season.

COVID has accelerated the consumption and the buying behaviour, I would definitely say that has been a big push and a lot of consumers have realised that we don’t have to go out and buy the products. That’s how D2C with e-commerce applied in and everything as being a big enabler in getting there and in terms of how we look at the festive season. It’s very important to understand how the market behaves at this point of the festive season so for us it’s a lot of history that we have. We look at how consumer buying patterns have shifted and we start controlling the messaging, controlling the inventory and we start offering out Big Boys like Amazon and Flipkart. The way they go out for big billion sales and all these things and factors are how we manage and prepare for the festive season to make sure that we are sufficiently stocked up and we have best des in the market and we are constantly working with the supply chain with other parts of the business to make sure the marketing and everything are in place for people to have access to this products at the right festive time.”


Sharing his thoughts regarding the challenges faced, Apurv said, “it’s a full festive season and the biggest season to be very honest for us. Supply chain is the most important aspect and ensuring you have your communication channels in place. Check you have all the systems in place most importantly you need to have all of these expectations communicated internally to your team as well. As I’ve been outside, nobody wants a product post Diwali. Apart from that we’ve also done a lot of custom packaging etc. For diwali itself so while the regular products that we sell will be there on website the focus will entirely shift on to a new range of products which would be specifically designed and live on the website only for the 45 days prior to the Diwali so we are hoping that we know that also gives us a lot of action and we are also hoping that this time the website can serve as a gateway for this b2b clients we are trying to see if B2b gifting can also be done through the website we just sort of trying to put an infrastructure in place for that as well.”

With the festive season just around the corner, Shipway, one of the leading e-commerce enablers, plays a vital role in helping brands to meet high expectations with its advanced shipping automation solution.

During the festive season the order volume goes high with several brands providing offers and discounts to attract new customers and to increase the sales. In return that creates chaos in offering a great post sales customer experience, faster and timely order delivery and seamless returns and exchange. That eventually leads to increased RTO percentage, huge increase in customer service traffic and dissatisfied customers.


“Shipway offers a one stop solution to this through its advanced shipping automation solution. With Shipway’s shipping automation solution, brands can automate their order allocations, post-purchase communications proactively, manage the returns and refunds instantly and also for undelivered orders can automate the follow ups,” said Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder, Shipway.


Listening to the brand needs and their shipping related challenges and making it hassle-free via automations has been a success mantra for Shipway since 2015.


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