D2L builds key industry partnerships around the world to provide equitable learning experiences for all learners through technology

As the global learning technology leader D2L announces new partnerships with various organisations, such as the International Disability Alliance (IDA), De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in the Philippines and Vision Australia among others to ensure that learners of all abilities have access to high-quality learning experiences. In India, D2L has been strengthening its position by acquiring new clients, such as SRM, Manipal, XLRI, Sunbeam group of schools to name a few in close partnership with Edutech India.

“In a time when gaps in equity are widening as a result of disruptions to the education system, technology has the potential to be a powerful equaliser — but only if applied in the right ways. At D2L, we believe that learning technology should never limit learning opportunities, and we’ve partnered with organisations around the world to ensure that the learning technology we create sets a world standard for adaptability and accessibility,” shared Nick Hutton, Regional Director of Asia at D2L.

D2L products are designed alongside people that have disabilities, which includes working with the disability community (in partnership with Fable), D2L employees as well as customers that serve people with disabilities. With its major focus on meeting the needs of physically impaired individuals, D2L engages diverse users through the research phase and practises inclusive design. Driven by technology, D2L is a full stack of online learning where instructors and students are supported in producing and consuming accessible content. Inclusive pedagogical practices are used to support Universal Design for Learning principles.

Dr Prem Das Maheshwari, Business Director of South Asia shared, “At D2L, we believe in leveraging technology to empower everyone with education. In a diverse country like India where the class divide in itself leaves many behind, it is even more difficult for the differently-abled. That is why it becomes imperative to standardise the digitalisation of education and make learning accessible to one and all. By implementing D2L’s Brightspace LMS across schools, colleges and universities, a holistic approach towards future-proofing education that is accessible to all can be achieved.”