Dadidada Foundation’s webinar on legal rights of senior citizens


At the ADR centre of the civil court of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh , District
Legal Service Authority and Dadidada Foundation created awareness about
senior citizens and their fundamental rights and the duties of the general
public towards the senior citizens through a webinar. Secretary Judge of
the authority Shrivendra Kumar Mishra said that it is the fundamental duty
of every citizen to give respect to their seniors while also protecting
their fundamental rights. According to article 41 and 46 of Indian
Constitution, all Indian states are accountable to take care of their
senior citizens. At present the total senior citizen population in our
country is about 18 crores.

In his talk he gave the outline of various legal provisions dealing with
the issues of senior citizens.He said that “We should always learn from
the experience of the elders and follow their advice.” He also
highlighted that “The Hindu Adoption and India Nutrition Act 1956,
Article [20] says that if sons are unable to look after their old
parents, the Act gives equal right to the daughters to serve their

While addressing several issues he pointed out, according to 2007 Senior
Citizen’s Maintenance and Welfare Act, people above 60 will be considered
as senior citizens and in case they don’t have their own children,any
relative who is enjoying the benefits of their property will be
responsible to serve them and make all required arrangements for their
essentials. A senior citizen has full right to reject the transfer of
property through the medium of a tribunal if the need is felt.

There is provision under this Act that those who are accountable for the
maintenance of senior citizens or parents in the family, will be
reattributed if their elder is found abandoned or neglected. Under the
Penal Code 1973, Article 125 – parents have full right to ask for care and
looking after from their adopted or own children as well. This program was
moderated by Munishankar , Director of Dadidada Foundation. During the
conversation he added that during Covid-19, DadidadaFoundation is running
a campaign #SaveDadidada #SaveNaninana over different socialmedia
platforms like twitter, Facebook etc.