Dainik Jagran organized a panel discussion on ‘Jagran Hindi Best Seller’

New Delhi: Dainik Jagran organized a panel discussion on ‘Jagran Hindi Best Seller’ under it flagship series Jagran Vartalap at Oxford Bookstore located in the national capital, wherein well-known writers and publishers associated with Hindi Literature had gathered. Amongst the prominent names who attended the program were senior writer Maitreyi Pushpa, novelist Vivek Mishra, Mahesh Bharadwaj of Samayik Prakashan and Hind Yugm’s Shailesh Bharatwasi. The program was moderated by Ms. Rakhi Bakshi. For the first time, the concept of Best Seller in Hindi Sahitya is being brought by Dainik Jagran. Bestsellers in the categories namely fiction, nonfiction and translation will be announced on the 23rd August.

Every quarter Dainik Jagran Nielsen Bookscan Bestseller list will be released. Only those book whose first version was published on and after January 1, 2011, are included in the list.

Which book is the best seller, what is the proof of high sale of a book, books of which genres should be included in the list– these questions have been worrying the Hindi literature society. Through this initiative by Dainik Jagran, not only readers will get benefit in book selection, the publishers have also welcomed the move.

Senior writer Maitreyi Pushpa said, “In the name of best seller, the market is spreading false belief that English books are being sold in villages and towns, where the readers of this section still read the Hindi book. Many books in Hindi are Bestsellers. Books are selling outside the city and women and youth are the readers of these books. With time and technology, new subject might have made their way into hindi literature but technology can’t change human emotions.”

Novelist Mr. Vivek Mishra said, “Market has its favorites and it always tries to put its interest first. Many a times, readers feel cheated in the name of best seller. Literature is definitely a part of market, but its purpose is different from other goods and products. Its purpose is to raise the voice, not to be part of a competition. In today’s situation, remove any concerns to writing and mix a little lie in it, then it can be a bestseller. ”

Mr. Shailesh Bharatwasi of Hind Yugm Prakashan said, “Dainik Jagran Hindi Best Seller will be able to accurately assess the popularity of Hindi books and people will get to know that the new books that are coming in Hindi are also becoming popular.”