Dalai Lama calls for ‘A sense of Oneness among Seven Billion People on Earth’

New Delhi: The leader of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness Dalai Lama shared fondly about his special connection with India and called for a sense of oneness among seven billion people on earth at a webinar organized by Amity University. Stating that he is a student of Indian thought and follower of the Nalanda tradition, His Holiness stressed upon the need to transform human emotions and making this practice part of education and not religion. He further added that the young generation should be given education and training about developing harmony of mind.

The revered leader added that the present society is without peace of mind and only thinking about material things, making people successful only at the superficial level. He shared that modern India is also paying too much attention on material value and should look at inculcating secular education about the mind and inner emotions. He advised institutions to focus upon educating students about the inner self, emotions & the mind, reducing negative emotions and present an example for the rest of the world.

His Holiness averred that the essence of Buddha dharma is to to reduce anger, attachment and fear will diminish on its own. He advised the attendees to reduce their inner destructive emotion and focus on practicing Karuna and Ahimsa. He stated that this helps in reducing self-centeredness and how thinking about others is a direct antidote to only being pensive about themselves. He shared that negative emotions are based on appearance and it’s antidote is thinking objectively as these emotions exist because of one’s own attitude. He further said that Tibetan Budhism is based on Nalanda tradition and is extremely scientific in nature as it uses reasoning, experiment and investigation.

Sharing his commitments, His Holiness shared that promoting the concept of oneness of entire 7 billion human beings is one of his primary missions followed by religious harmony. He stated that it’s unthinkable to have fights in the name of religion. “There is no separate independent self. All major religions carry the same message of love and religious harmony is possible on this basis. India with over 1 billion population and all major religions is a living example that all religions can live together in harmony,” shared the spiritual leader. He further added while he is a Tibetan, intellectually he is an Indian as his mind is filled with Nalanda thought of Ahimsa (non-violence) and Karuna (compassion). “I’m the longest guest of the Indian Government. Tibetans have trusted me and I have a responsibility towards them. Ecology of Tibet should not only be conserved for the Tibetans but for the entire world. We have kept all the ancient Nalanda knowledge intact not just through prayers or rituals but by serious study, thinking and logical debate. Too much anxiety and anger affects physical well-being. I appreciate that in this life I experienced Indian tradition and I’m carrying Indian thought of non-violence (Ahimsa) and Karuna wherever I go,” said His Holiness to the scores of online listeners.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group of Institution stated that life would be altered for all the listeners of this talk and stressed upon how oneness of 7 billion people should be the aim of people around the world. Dr. Chauhan also announced setting up of ‘Centre for Tibetan Studies and Tibetan Ecology’ across all Amity campuses in India and across the globe.

Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, AUR averred that at this time when the world is in an unprecedented turmoil, no message can be important as the message of peace and compassion being given by his holiness and pledged that all actions will be committed towards spreading peace as directed him.

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