Dale Carnegie Training India organizes annual workshop on Global Leadership

Hyderabad, July 28, 2017: Dale Carnegie Training India organised its annual Global Workshop in Hyderabad today. The two-hour complimentary workshop on ‘Secrets of Global Leadership’ highlighted the most valued and effective leadership behaviours in India and across the globe with the aim of helping participants discover the pathway to motivating employees in a cross-cultural work environment.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Kartik Shah, Senior Training Consultant at Dale Carnegie Training India. The workshop was focused on helping existing and aspiring leaders advance their leadership effectiveness and develop the skills needed to engage their teams. The workshop was designed to provide a broad perspective on leadership characteristics that motivate people to do their best work and stay with their employer.

Ms. Pallavi Jha, Chairperson and MD, Dale Carnegie Training India said, “Dale Carnegie recognises that the impact of leadership characteristics on motivation across cultures is crucial to creating a successful workplace. Through this workshop, we aim to familiarise managers and senior leaders with leadership traits that are essential to today’s environment. We are delighted with the response and support we have received in Hyderabad for the Secrets of Global Leadership workshop.”

To uncover the leadership traits and behaviours that are important to employees around the globe, Dale Carnegie launched a Global Leadership Survey. Backed by ground-breaking research, this workshop was designed in a way that helps participants discover potential leadership blind spots and understand how employees across cultures prioritize the importance of various leadership characteristics.