Dalham Learning Launches 21st Century Skills for Educators

Dalham Learning, a new-age holistic EdTech organisation, has introduced a uniquely designed range of modules focusing on 21st-century skills for educators to upskill them and enhance their teaching skills. An in-depth understanding of 21st Century Skills will allow educators to promote skill development in the classroom, thereby transitioning to competency-based teaching, learning, and evaluation. The module comprises of Thinking Skills like critical thinking, creativity & problem solving, design thinking and media literacy; Growth Skills like productivity & accountability, communication skills & collaboration, leadership, flexibility, innovation & adaptability, and creative writing; and Societal Skills like individual & social responsibility, cross-cultural skills and self-direction. The module is constructed in a way that allows one to learn collaboration skills bringing in a cross-pedagogical approach for instance arts and science integration) to help students learn new concepts across subjects. These skills will enable educators to implement topic-centric, project-based, experiential learning while cementing the gap and disruption caused by the pandemic, and also help them adapt to the new National Education Policy in India and CBSE’s new teaching mandate.

On the inaugural of 21st Century Skills for educators’ courses Founder and CEO at Dalham, Shekhar Bhattacharjee said, “We are glad to launch 21st Century Skills courses for the educators that will enhance their skills. In order to upgrade this nation into a superpower economy, it is necessary for teachers to transform themselves into Gurus and to enable the same, it is essential for the current educators to have advanced training. Over the years, the training and mentoring of the teachers has been rigid and often neglected. The 21st Century Skill-based Micro-Learning Programme courses will provide focussed training to the educators, allowing them to assess the importance of holistic development of every student, encouraging creativity and problem solving; thus, allowing students to go beyond the routine of technical skills. We have entered the 4th industrial revolution, which induces a human-machine environment. Students today need a deeper understanding of our culture, society and people, to be able to build solutions that are human-centric. Dalham delves deep into social science disciplines and facilitates the application of these disciplines in today’s advanced world of technology. We look forward to the opportunity of imparting these courses through our quality faculty to teachers around the country enrolled for the courses and thereby attain our objective of upgrading education system from the primary level.”

With these modules, Dalham Learning aims to help educators combat the robotic conditioning and develop a better and broader perspective, which in turn will reflect in the discourse to the students. The course will be available at Rs. 2500/- per teacher, but as an introductory pricing Dalham Learning is offering the program at a flat price of Rs. 1,50,000/- per school for a limited period. It is currently active at Dayawati Modi Academy, Hermann Gmeiner School and Maharaja Agrasen Public School. The 21st Century Skills courses have 10 modules with over 60 hours of learning material and assessment, designed in the ‘micro-learning module’ to suit the convenience and schedule of the teachers.

For more information, please visit: https://www.dalhamlearning.com/