Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. dedicates Rs. 7 cr so far to support local communities in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh; to step up investments in CSR

Kadapa: In its continuous endeavor to provide better livelihood for all, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. has launched various initiatives and programs to support the local communities in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. So far, the company has spent around Rs. 7 cr as part of its CSR initiatives in the region. These initiatives include setting up water harvesting activities, providing renewable energy solutions, health and sanitization, skill training and education amongst many other things.

A strong business is backed by a stout foundation of trust, respect, and understanding the requirements of the people you work with. Our relationship with the people of Kadapa goes back a long way and ever since, we have remained committed in addressing the needs of the local communities to create robust livelihood opportunities for all. Through our integrated welfare plan, we are now hopeful of eradicating the ongoing problems of the region and ensure that these communities are firmly put on the sustainable path to prosperity. In line with our vision, we are planning to step up our investments in CSR projects in the region. said, Mr. KK Rao, Plant Head, Kadapa, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited.

DCBL has always followed the concept of giving back to the community and every decision is taken keeping their holistic well-being in mind. Over the years the company has addressed the issues of healthcare and sanitation, education, rural development, women empowerment and other social developmental issues through its CSR initiatives. In Kadapa too, DCBL has been closely working with the local communities to support them in every way possible.

As an entity, DCBL believes that water is a precious resource and access to clean drinking water is a basic human right. To provide the same to the people living in Kadapa, the company has set up RO plants, Bore wells, Overhead water storage tanks etc. to Nawabpet, Chinnakomerla, Talamanchiptnam, Dugganaplli villages in the region. Further, DCBL also set up around 20 rain water harvesting structures, constructed 120+ farm ponds and 4 check damns in the villages. Alongside, access to clean and green energy is made possible by the company’s efforts to set up 50+ solar street lights in these villages.

Furthermore, DCBL has successfully addressed the Health and sanitation challenges faced in the region and has distributed over 147 individual sanitary lanterns to Nawabpet, Chinnakomerla, Talamanchipatam and Dugganaplli villages.

For education, the company has helped the region with infrastructure development of schools, supported sports activities by providing sports material/equipment, provide scholarship opportunity for students and have also supported digital learning in a few villages. DCBL believes that the kids are the future leaders of the country and hence proper education must be given to support the nation’s growth. Apart from education opportunities, the company has also provided employment to most villagers of Nawabpet, Chinnakomerla, Dugganapalli and Talamanchipatnam, in line with the vacancies available in the plant.