Data Samudra Launches India’s First “On-Demand and On-Requirement Tier III Data Center”

Bangalore: Data Samudra – “On-Demand Tier III Data Center”, a subsidiary of Teleindia (a Telecom Network Services company), is set to offer Co-Location, Hosting & Cloud Services modelled as “On-Demand” – a first in the region – India.

One has heard & experienced great one liner’s about data centers – ‘Connecting your Business to the World’, ‘It’s all about Connections’, ‘Not all Data Centers are Created Equal’ & many more.

Simply stated, a data center is a facility, physically available, for organizations to store critical applications and data. In India, the Data Center business is scaling newer heights with newer dimensions, offering globally aligned services and solutions. Data Center facility hotspots are majorly in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Data Samudra – “On-Demand Tier III Data Center”, a subsidiary of Teleindia (a Telecom Network Services company), is set to offer Co-Location, Hosting & Cloud Services modelled as “On-Demand” – a first in the region – India.

It is located in the new KIADB IT Park, also being the recently built Corporate campus of Teleindia, closer to the Bengaluru’s International Airport. The location is an added advantage providing customers and partners the flexibility, for travel and/or accessibility.
It has a built area of 1.0 Lakh SQFT, with State-of-the-Art facilities. The facility will provide 360 racks of storage, in a physical space of 19,000 SQFT, with all of the modernization, Smart features like Smart solution, Touchless Entry, round the clock Security, Tier III core requirements and aligned to global standards.
It will provide ‘Co-Location, Hosting and Cloud Services’, to its customers in India as well globally.

Data Samudra, upon finalization of India’s, Data Protection policy and Localization norms, (in final stages), will offer, to International clients extending services to Indian businesses & individuals, first of its kind – “DATA RESIDENCY as a SERVICE” – a service wherein critical data storage is facilitated “locally”. Another, first of its kind, offering Data Samudra intends to provide is the niche Cloud services with focus on 4 A’s – Automation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Augmentative – Disruptive Technologies Cloud Offering. This enablement is through Data Samudra’s, collaboration with Gokaddal, Dubai, UAE, World’s First Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform.

To compliment the many ‘firsts’, and to ensure the commit to provide 24×7 support, Teleindia, created a State-of-the-Art Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) within the campus, providing round the clock services for Data Samudra as well value services to Teleindia’s clients.

Teleindia has, as its Global GTM partner, M/s Merkado RHA Technologies, a Bangalore based emerging Tech company. M/s Merkado will be responsible for the strategies – Go-To-Market, Business Development, Sales and Marketing for Data Samudra.

Managing Director, Teleindia Group companies, Mr. Mahanthesh KA, while signing the accordance with M/s Merkado, remarked – “This is a great moment. This collaboration with M/s Merkado RHA Technology, is the ‘Synergy’, for the enhancement of the customer experience – a process which directly influence customer benefits like improving time-to-market, enhancing predictability & reliability while cutting costs. We are confident to achieve our goal on Data Center business”.

Also, Mr. Ravinder Pal Singh, CEO of Merkado RHA Technology, commenting on its tie-up says, “Our association with Teleindia Data Samudra, has been a very valuable partnership. We look forward to making Data Samudra one of the topmost Data Center brands in the country, while creating a disruptive business model for emerging Services and Solutions like Data Residency, Disruptive Solutions Cloud and GNOC offerings. We are proud to be part of this transformation and will strive to be a valuable DC provider with a Be Vocal About Local passion.”

Teleindia Networks, Executive Director Mr. Aravind M, while speaking about the company’s achievements till date, since its inception states “With an aim to provide, for its customers & OEMs, services bundled as a package & concept, which targets achieving maximum value, through end-to-end services, applying, consistent with its purpose & design. I am sure the saga will continue, to enrich the experience of the customers, with the new venture Data Samudra – Data Center – association of Teleindia Group companies & M/s Merkado RHA Technology.

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