Data Science as a Career Option

The world is moving at a brisk pace. Several technologies have become obsolete, while the technologies that looked impossible a few years back are at our fingertips now. Hence, it has become pertinent for young professionals to learn the skills that drive future technologies. Data Science is one such promising field. In recent years, millions of professionals have secured their future by choosing Data Science as a career. You can enter this career by completing a degree or a course in Data Science. Finding these courses has become a cakewalk these days. You can easily find a reliable Data Science course in Hyderabad or other top tech cities to boost your career growth. But before we move ahead, let us look at this field in more detail. 

Who is a Data Scientist?

The world economy is leaning more towards analytics, with companies collecting data for many years. According to LinkedIn, there is an enormous demand for professionals who can mine and interpret data. These are the Data Scientists.

Data scientists are a mix of mathematicians, trend-spotters, and computer scientists. The data scientist’s role is to decode large volumes of data and analyze it further to find trends in the data and gain an insight into what the data suggests. Data scientists work between the business and the IT worlds. They drive markets by analyzing complex datasets to reveal insights that companies can leverage into actions.

Skills Required For Data Scientist

If you want to have a career in data science, you will need hard skills like analysis, machine learning, statistics, Hadoop, etc. Excelling in this role requires excelling at critical thinking, persuasive communication, and having good listening and problem-solving skills. 

Opportunities are plenty in this field. So, once you have the skill-sets and qualifications, the jobs are waiting for you—now and in the future.

Job Roles for Data Science Experts

Most companies are embracing data analysis to skyrocket their growth. Data Scientists are in demand not just in the tech world but also in all other major sectors, including FMCG, logistics, and more. The big-five tech giants: Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, employ half of the world’s total data scientists. 

Here, we discuss the lucrative Data Science careers for the aspirants:

Data Scientists:

A Data Scientist explores and scrutinizes various data patterns to estimate the impact on an organization. A Data Scientist’s role is to explain the importance of data in a simple method so that others can understand it. They require statistical knowledge of different programming languages for solving complex problems. 

Data Analyst:

A Data Analyst’s role is to analyze the data to figure out a market trend. They provide a clear picture of the company’s standing in the market. The company sets the desired goal, and then the Data Analyst provides datasets to achieve the required target.

The Data Analyst’s role changes according to the company’s needs. For example, the marketing department may need their services to understand consumer behavior and responses against various marketing strategies. 

Data Engineer:

Data Engineers work with the organization’s core and are the company’s backbone. They are the builders, designers, and managers of large databases. Their task is to build data pipelines, correct data flow, and ensure the data reaches the relevant departments.

A Data Engineer has to collaborate with other data experts to communicate the results with his colleagues. In a nutshell, a data engineer shares his insights with the company through data visualization and helps the organization grow. 

Business Intelligence Analyst:

A business intelligence analyst analyzes the collected data to maximize the company’s efficiency. They have a more technical role than analytical and require knowledge of popular machines. They are the bridge between business and IT. 

Marketing Analyst:

A marketing analyst assists companies in their marketing division. They analyze and suggest which products to produce and which products to discontinue. They monitor customer satisfaction reports to help the company in improving existing products and services.

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