“Data Science is the future of the world.” remark Industry experts during International Conference- Confluence 2020 at Amity University


The 10th International Conference- ‘Confluence 2020’ on theme ‘Cloud Computing, Data Science and Engineering’ organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) in association with AWS – Amazon concluded today at Amity University, Sector 125 Noida.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity University said that education system has changed radically, since the industrial functioning and business models have changed. He mentioned that technology has brought revolution in every sector and it has become imperative for educational institutions to develop the technological skills of budding professionals, accordingly. Dr. Singh opined that International collaborations are the way forward for global holistic development of every student.

During the valedictory ceremony, Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred upon Padmashree Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, Head of Department- Neurology, AIIMS by Dr.(Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International School and Senior Officials of Amity.

Accepting the award, Padmashree Dr. Kameshwar Prasad expressed his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him. Interacting with students, he mentioned that some patients require medication for months while some suffering from same disease need medication for years. But, due to lack of certain knowledge and information, doctors till date cannot determine the exact parameter of the disease; thereby, the medication is continued for maximum time frame. Calling this as a drawback in medical sector, he urged the data scientists to develop a technology that can predict accurate time frame of treatment based on patient’s genomics. He highlighted that we require systems that can predict as well as prevent the over dosage of medicines in any treatment. “The need of hour is to collaboration between doctors and data scientists to make predictive medical models which will change the healthcare system across the world.” he reinstated.

Dr. Mohit Gambhir, Innovation Director, Ministry of HRD, Innovation Cell, Govt of India emphasized that every child has different mindset and interest, hence their ability to understand a subject is different. For the youth to be successful in future, there is a need for customization of education as per every student’s aptitude. He advised the students to not let their curious quotient rest as it will help in transforming the system, with time. Dr. Mohit said, “The challenge in today’s time is upskilling of youth and to address this challenge, the Government of India has established innovation and skill centers.” Every human is a born innovator and entrepreneur, but as we grow, we tend to forgot these skills. He requested the budding professionals to not be part of rat race but identify one’s own talent and work upon it. Dr. Gambhir suggested to use the technology and harness it to make this world a better place to live.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. (Dr.) K K Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation called Data Scientists as the future of the world. He mentioned that The power of penetration of technology has changed the world and the way we live. Synergizing data science with other industries will help in further advancement that will eventually benefit people. Dr. Aggarwal remarked that Industry 4.0 has arrived and in forthcoming decade, there will be jobs which don’t exist for now. Hence, the greatest challenge for educational institutions is to prepare the budding professionals for those jobs which are yet to be in demand. He averred, “We need to nurture the students with multiple skills and imbibe the habit of re-skilling and re-learning in them as with changing times, the skill requirement will also keep changing.”

Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal, Jt. Head, ASET presented a brief about the three day conference and apprised that over 35 keynote addresses, around 170 paper presentations and several industry interactions were held during Confluence 2020. He further added that Amity University has also signed MOUs with University of Waikato, New Zealand, Eastern International University, Vietnam and University of South Florida, USA for collaborative research, students & faculty exchange programmes, joint conferences etc.

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