David M. Einhorn Center partners with AAP to support college-wide community-engaged learning

The David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement has awarded the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) a three-year $350,000 grant to support ongoing work to advance community engagement in teaching and research initiatives across the departments. In addition, they are providing $150,000 over this same timeframe to support hiring a Community Engaged Learning Coordinator for a total of $500,000.

“We see timely, innovative, and creative work relevant to communities as central to how all three of our disciplines engage,” noted City and Regional Planning Professor Victoria Beard, who also directs the Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities. “In preparing students to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable future, we recognize that first they must understand how to be partners and cocreators in every step of the process. We are all in this together; at AAP, we are dedicated to an ongoing process of learning by doing.”

With the support of this partnership, AAP plans to further advance community-engaged learning and scholarship by expanding existing curricular and cocurricular options for students and faculty while also creating new opportunities for undergraduate students. The center will further develop these opportunities by seeding engaged scholarship and supporting partnerships with external stakeholders.