Day of the Physics and Technology Institute at schools in Petrozavodsk

As part of the implementation of the roadmap measures with the Petrozavodsk urban district, a career guidance event of the Physics and Technology Institute for students of the city of Petrozavodsk was held.
The event was attended by high school students from various schools in the city: “Gymnasiums No. 30”, “Derzhavinsky Lyceum”, “School No. 10”, “Lyceum No. 1”, “Lyceum No. 40” and other schools, as well as parents of high school students. Ekaterina Mikhailovna Teteleva, a senior lecturer at the Department of General Physics, spoke to the participants of the webinar with a story about the Institute. She drew the attention of the audience to the new provisions when choosing entrance examinations to the institute. For example, in all areas of training, except for “Pedagogical education”, the third exam (in addition to the Russian language and profile mathematics), students may have either “Physics” or “Informatics and ICT”. And in the direction of “Pedagogical education”, in addition to the compulsory “Russian language” and “Social studies”, students can choose the third exam either “Mathematics (profile)” or “Physics”.

Ekaterina Mikhailovna also spoke about the new direction of training at the Physicotechnical Institute next year – “Physics”, profile “Medical Physics”. This is still a paid direction. Graduates in this area of ​​training will be able to customize, debug and repair various high-tech medical equipment.

The Institute of Physics and Technology pays great attention to the research work of students. Students spoke about their research activities before the webinar participants. Second-year master’s student Roman Pyaskin told the students about various areas of dusty plasma research, about his achievements in this direction.

Elena Kolobova, a first-year postgraduate student, also spoke to the senior students. Her area of ​​scientific interest lies in the creation of coaxial nanowires.

Studentship is not only study and scientific activity, it is also a time of interesting meetings and memorable events. Daria Isakova, the best adapter of the PTI 2020, told the high school students in detail about the interesting events held at the Physicotechnical Institute and PetrSU.

The webinar participants were interested in the recruitment plan for the next year, the minimum passing score and the cost of training.

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