Days of Science in Kondopoga

Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agrotechnology of PetrSU took part in the Days of Science at school №8 in Kondopoga.
The event was attended by students from grades 5 to 11.

The events held within the framework of this meeting contributed to the dissemination of scientific knowledge among the students of the school in an accessible form. Teachers of Petrozavodsk University, engaged in scientific research in the field of biology, ecology, agronomy and zootechnics, spoke to the audience.

Fifth grade students learned how to determine the quality of chicken eggs. L.N. Ant, associate professor of the department. zootechnics, fish farming, agronomy and land management, showed what you need to know in order not to make the wrong choice when buying these products in a store.

Sixth graders attended interactive classes, where the assistant professor of the department. botany and plant physiology S.A. Trofimova told about useful plants, and associate professors of the department. zootechnics, fish farming, agronomy and land management L.A. Kuznetsova and O.A. Golubev showed how you can get a larger crop of potatoes and check whether or not real honey is sold at fairs.

Pupils of the seventh grade got acquainted with lichens at the lecture of the professor, head. department botany and plant physiology A.V. Sonina “What can lichens”, and also saw how it is possible to engage in artificial breeding of one of the main treasures of our republic – fish in the material of the senior teacher of the department. zootechnics, fish farming, agronomy and land management K.A. Petrova.

Professor of the Department. botany and plant physiology L.A. Sergienko presented to the eighth grade schoolchildren a report on how PetrSU scientists study the shores of the Arctic, and also introduced them to the work they are doing in the framework of the KOLARCTIC-5004 project “Analysis of gaps and barriers in the conservation of coastal wetlands of the Euro-Arctic”, told about how joint research by Norwegian and Finnish specialists will help preserve unique coastal habitats on the shores of the Barents Sea in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

For schoolchildren of grades 8-11, associate professors of the department. Botanists and Plant Physiology held an exciting practical lesson “Entertaining Plant Physiology (Scientific Experiments)”, the purpose of which was not only to test students’ knowledge of biology, but also to acquaint them with a separate scientific discipline “Plant Physiology”.

For students of grades 9 and 10, classes in bioinformatics and biotechnology were held with the participation of Associate Professor of the Department of Zoology and Ecology N.A. Sidorova and the teacher of additional education A.I. Savushkin. A heated debate was caused by the lecture of the professor of the department. botany and plant physiology V.N. Tarasova “How to distinguish science from pseudoscience.”

This event was also attended by students and young scientists of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies, who conducted experiments in different areas of biology and told about the main directions of scientific research at IBEAT.

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