Debutant Author Ambika Bhardwaj unveils her book ‘In conversation with Light and Darkness’

Manali : A soul stirring fiction book ‘In conversation with Light and Darkness’ by author Ambika Bhardwaj was launched in Old Manali. Published by The Write Order Publications, it is a book on healing consisting of distinct short stories and poems that deeply reflects author’s personal thoughts and experiences.


The book title justifies the intention behind the book as it is a poetic dialogue between the light and darkness present in each of us. It maneuvers around the themes of self, strength and surrender, love and hate in the form of verses and a few short stories.


With the launch of ‘In conversation with Light and Darkness’, Ambika achieved her dream of becoming an author and transforming her thoughts into personalized stories. After quitting her corporate job, she moved to the mountains where she realized her dream of becoming an author. In her journey, moving to the mountains wasn’t merely a physical move but one that also involved moving to and climbing the mountains within. When all the city hustle faded away in the sleepy Himalayan village of Manali, Ambika started sharing her midnight scribbles with the world online. Soon strangers from all walks of life began to resonate with her words and shared their life stories. Her Instagram page, Dastaan-e-musafir, became a movement of exploration between the inner jouney of poetry and the outer journey of the mountains. This proved to be her first stepping-stone and motivated her to write her first book.


The debutant author shared a few verses from her book at the launch. She expressed herself emotionally with a thankful note on the launch. “It is an honor to finally get my first-ever fiction book published. I hope the book finds itself in the hands of a reader on the path to healing. And in the storm that sometimes healing feels like, may the book hold your hand just like it held mine” says Ambika Bhardwaj, Author, and Social Media Influencer.


When asked how did this book came to be about, she says, “When the adult in me sat down with the child in me, when the fairytales and nightmares in me sat down with the truth in me, that’s when this book wrote itself.”


The book will be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version priced at INR 439.

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