Deeksha offers free Bridge Course for PU Science students

Bangalore: Deeksha has initiated a free 21-day online Bridge Course which helps students who have completed their 10th grade to transition smoothly into Science streams of PUC. The course focuses on important concepts, problem-solving and formulae in the core subjects of Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Bridge Course will have 4-hour classes for 6 days a week. Post registration, students will be given a login id and password to the Impartus platform where lectures are taught and uploaded later for access, along with live doubt clarification and homework.

“The PU syllabus is in-depth, and students must have a strong hold over core concepts which are taught in the 9th and 10th grades in order to make the most of their PU years. The Bridge Course has been designed to help students become self-dependent, strengthen their foundation and have more control over their learning. This course has been developed entirely for the online platform and is an opportunity for students and teachers to adjust to the new online teaching paradigm, before the start of the semester,” said Dr. Sridhar G, founder, Deeksha. The 21-day online bridge course starts from May 4.

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the education sector has shifted online, and it is likely to remain this way for a significant portion of the upcoming academic year. The Bridge Course is a great way for students to get accustomed to the online learning way of life in the coming months. Students who have completed their 10th board exams and are waiting for announcements on the new academic year schedule can make use of this time and avail the online Bridge Course.

To register for the course, please call at: 9513743874

Deeksha has consistently been working towards helping students and teachers cope with the on-going crisis without missing out on their education through various initiatives.