Deeksha students outshine in Karnataka PU II results

Bangalore: Once again, students of Deeksha have outshined in the PU II examinations, the results of which were announced today. The students that have come out in flying colours with high scores in the PU II Science streams are Arpitha Hathwar T G, with a total aggregate of 590, H R Shruti, with a total aggregate of 589, Raghavendra M S, with a total aggregate of 588, Supritha Ravishankar, with a total aggregate of 588, Srihari Adiga B S, with a total aggregate of 587 and Deepa V, with a total aggregate of 586.

“The teachers at Deeksha began our revision programme much in advance and it really helped. Our weekly tests aided us greatly, and our teachers always explained the topics numerous times and also helped us through difficult topics. At present, I’m preparing to write the CET exam to get into Medicine. I am also open to exploring options in Biotechnology,” said Arpitha Hathwar T G, a topper from Deeksha.

“My preparation strategy was being thorough with the NCERT text book, the Deeksha question bank, and question papers of the last 5 years. In addition to this, I also studied everything recommended by the teachers at Deeksha and it gave me a lot of confidence. If I were to offer some tips on how to do well in the exams, I’d say work every day and don’t have a backlog in the portions to be completed. Only then will you have the confidence to tackle the exams. Additionally, I would recommend paying attention to the marking scheme and focusing on the concepts in order to ace the Board Exam,” said Shruti HR, another top performer from Deeksha

Congratulating the students on their achievement, Dr. Sridhar G, Founder, Deeksha, said, “We are proud of our students for the hard work and efforts they have put in which has led to great results. We wish them the best for their future endeavors. Deeksha has continued the long legacy of securing top results in the PUC exams and other competitive examinations. It is our commitment to continuously enrich and help students reach their fullest potential and we will continue to do the same.”

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