Deeksharambh, Student Induction Program (SIP) in the Department of English


Aligarh, February 28: “We shall continue to teach BA I Sem students, at the entry-level, till our retirement” confirmed Prof. Samina Khan and Prof. Sami Rafiq. This was also a pattern earlier at the university that the senior professors of the department would teach BA students at the entry level. The Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, organized Deeksharambh, Student Induction Program (SIP) 2021-22 in an online mode for the newly admitted students to B. A. (Hons.) English and Communicative English. The students were given an overview of complete university life, the historical significance of the University and its founder in general, and the department in particular. The students were apprised of the curricular and co-curricular activities, coursework, and university culture.

The welcome address was delivered by Prof. Samina Khan, Coordinator, Students Induction Programme.

In her address, she emphasized the fact that the induction programme was conducted in light of the guidelines proposed by the UGC.

She informed that the program was a gesture to formally induct the newly admitted students, and the Department would continue holding events to the overall benefit of the students where they will get a chance to interact with eminent personalities and alumni of the varsity.

She addressed the newly admitted lot of BA batch as the “youngest and dearest” students of the department.

In his interaction with the new students of the department, Prof. Mohammad Asim Siddiqui, Chairperson, Department of English, reiterated the dynamic role of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of AMU, in the promotion of education.

“We are proud at the fact that we are studying in an institution laid down by this great visionary,” said Prof. Asim, adding that Sir Syed is one of the most enlightened persons in South Asia.

Prof. Seemin Hasan, the senior most professor, and the former Chairperson of the department delineated the history of the Department of English, stating it as one of the cornerstones of the MAO College.

In her address to the “new intellectual community” of the department, she advised the students to “speak out and discuss problems with teachers, read a lot, listen contently and with curiosity, make use of every opportunity, assimilate knowledge and never let failure overpower as it is the best feedback”.


The students wholeheartedly enjoyed the ‘Virtual Tour’ made by the students of B. A. English VI semester for their beloved juniors. The Tour showcased various locations within the Department of English, such as Seminar Library, Archives Room, Language Lab, and the Office of the Chairperson.

“Describing the influence and importance of the Aligarh Muslim University is similar to limiting the unlimited,” stated Prof. Md. Rizwan Khan, former Chairperson of the department. He made students aware of the high ranks AMU has attained in recent years.

A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the faculty members and their areas of specialization was also shown.

During the program’s penultimate phase, the significance of B. A. (Hons.) English and Communicative English programs offered by the department were described by Prof. Sami Rafiq and Prof. AyshaMunira Rasheed, respectively.

Dr. Kishwar Zafir, Coordinator, Time-Table Committee, informed the students about the restless efforts employed by the committee to provide errorless timetables.

Mr. Mohd. Ahmar Alvi, Convener, Student Induction Program, apprised the students of the department’s webpage, and also delivered the vote of thanks.

Other faculty members and Class Representatives of the III and VI semesters were also present.


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