Delhi-based NGO Celebrates Children’s Day with the Underprivileged

New Delhi : On the occasion of Children’s Day, to spread happiness amongst underprivileged children, Delhi-based NGO, Wishes and Blessings commemorated the Day in a distinctive way by organizing a magic show for the street children living in Madipur village in West Delhi. The NGO also executed various other activities like indoor games, quiz sessions, and organized special treats in different centres across Delhi/NCR.
“Due to unavailability and inaccessibility of resources, underprivileged children are not able to rejoice and cherish their childhood, which passes by quickly! By organizing kids-friendly events like a magic show, we aim to let these disadvantaged children have a moment to enjoy their childhood. What might seem to be something regular to us is a luxury for these children!” says Dr. Geetanjali Chopra, Founder & President of Wishes and Blessings.
The Wishes and Blessings core team organized this magic show for the street dwelling children of Madipur, West Delhi on account of Children’s Day. The team also executed special treats for destitute children across their various centres in Delhi/NCR. The team commemorated this day on 13 November 2021.
“We are so grateful to be a part of this celebration. The smiles and laughter that we got to witness on these children’s faces while executing the magic show touched our hearts. Most of these children do not even know that a day has been dedicated to celebrate them and their childhood! Hence, seeing them enjoying the show, made all of us emotional!” say Barkha Hazarika, and Anand Chandrashekhar, Core Team, Wishes and Blessings
“We loved the show! We would like to thank Didis and Bhaiyas from Wishes and Blessings for celebrating this day with us! We also enjoyed having treats!” says Rajesh, one of the street children from Madipur.

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