Delhi based online learning platform ‘Millioncenters’ plans on expanding its reach in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India

New Delhi: MillionCenters, a one-of-its-kind online learning platform connecting students and teachers through digital technology. This revolutionary platform allows learners to find the best and verified hobby classes, coaching centres, music academy, tuition centres, and qualified trainers within their residence vicinity. MillionCentres offers over 30 categories of alternative learning choices such as Academics, martial arts, yoga, photography, playschool, art, fitness, cookery classes, sports, adventure, and much more. Using digital and interactive technology, MillionCentres has reinvented the way people conventionally search for teaching opportunities and reliable learning centres near them.

MillionCentres recognised that the alternative learning industry has great potential but it needs tech-driven solutions and thus created a common ground for service seekers and service providers. It developed a simple, convenient, and user-friendly website and a mobile app, enabling users to get the most preferred results for their searches. The tech-savvy platform empowers coaching centres to enhance the quality and efficiency of their teaching services by providing them various toolkits. These tools kits help teachers manage their daily tasks such as scheduling classes, publishing assignments, conducting tests, etc. On the other hand, apprentices and their parents find it convenient to connect with teachers, stay updated and monitor the students’ progress closely.

MillionCenters is a community-driven platform which is delivering experiences for users (learners & trainers) for connecting, enhancing skills, improving knowledge, and bringing in quality delivery through management modules

Sharing personal experience, Captain Surinder Singh, Managing Partner, MillionCenters, states, “I found it extremely difficult to find a competitive dance class near my place for my granddaughter. That’s when I identified a huge gap between service seekers and professionals. Hence, the concept of MillionCentres came into existence with a vision to bridge this existing gap in the market and to bring a wide array of alternative learning categories under one roof. We envision offering these benefits to the users in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India.”

MC already has a database of more than 15,000 registered members and, fortunately, the number is multiplying every day. We have reached out to a massive number of audiences through our easily accessible mobile-based app and are looking forward to connecting with learners and teachers akin on an even larger scale.


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