Delhi Government Signs MoU with O.P. Jindal Global University for Skills Training, New Qualifications for Officers

New Delhi : The Directorate of Training (UTCS), Delhi Government has signed an MoU with O.P. Jindal Global University today to enhance understanding by promoting exchange and cooperation in the areas of academic training, knowledge enhancement and the Capacity Building of the Officers of Delhi Government. This MoU will strengthen technical cooperation between Delhi Government and JGU through sharing experiences, best practices and completion of degree programmes.


This is a historical and unprecedented partnership which will enhance the creation of knowledge, upgrade skills for officers and create a new learning environment. Speaking about Shri Vijay Kumar Dev, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt of NCT of Delhi stated that it was a landmark moment for the two organisations to embark on such an important partnership. He also elucidated that O.P. Jindal Global University has established itself as the leading educational institution in India and has been bestowed with many international recognitions. He also stated that the JGU faculty is an important aspect as the teaching and learning pedagogy will be instrumental in achieving the objectives of the Delhi Government for the enhanced skills of its officers. “Today O.P. Jindal Global University is the No. One private university in India and it has a global reputation for excellence in learning and teaching. It is our endeavour that through this partnership our officers will be able to augment their skills and get new qualifications which will enable them to be exceptional public servants in the future. I look forward to this partnership achieving its goals.”


The objective is to establish framework for cooperative institutional relations to encourage and promote cooperation in the areas of academic training, knowledge enhancement and the Capacity Building of the Officers of Delhi Government. In order to serve our society in the most efficient manner, the nature of academic training, knowledge enhancement and the Capacity Building for the Officers in the Delhi Government needs to be creative and flexible.


The Founding Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University, Prof. (Dr) Raj Kumar said, “JGU is at the forefront of creating a knowledge economy. Since our founding in 2009 we have endeavoured to establish the best learning programmes, partnerships, research and qualification systems. This MoU is a step towards upskilling the abilities of our public servants who are change makers in governance and polity. Our programmes and curriculum are based on global standards, bring the best of international learning for development. Our internationally and nationally qualified faculty and pedagogy is peerless and we are honoured to be part of the programme with the Government of Delhi.”


Dr. S.B. Deepak Kumar, Director, (Directorate of Training, Union Territories Civil Services), Government of NCT of Delhi, who is also in charge of skills training, learning and development for the Delhi Government said, “The Capacity Building of the Officers of Delhi Government under this MoU will include the enrolment in, completion and awarding Degree of MBA in Business Analytics; Degree of M.A in International Relations, Security and Strategy; Degree of M.A in Public Policy and other appropriate Master Level Courses offered in ONLINE Mode by Second Part to the Officers working in the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.”


Prof. Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, Registrar, JGU welcomed the partnership and said, “There will be an exchange of faculty members in the areas of Public Administration, Law, Business, Management, Economics, Policy, Finance, Communications, Geography, Indian History & Culture, Political Science, International Relations and other emerging subjects as well as exchange of best practices and globally recognised pedagogy in developing trainings and Capacity Building frameworks, curriculum and processes. The MoU also envisages the conducting of joint workshops, seminars, conferences where academicians and practitioners from both organizations can participate.”