Dell accelerates towards its sustainability goals with tech-innovation

Bangalore: Rise in the number of vehicles and emissions created from diesel generators are top contributors to air pollution, a recent WHO study confirms. With 14 cities ranked among the world’s top 20 most polluted cities, it’s a state of air pollution emergency across India. As a part of its efforts to promote sustainability and create awareness on the issue, Dell, today organized an experiential event at the Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore. Dell has partnered with the Chakr Innovation which converts diesel soot into ink (POINK) through their retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators.

The event saw popular cartoonist N. Ponappa take a humorous take on the issue by sketching live cartoons depicting the harmful impact of diesel emissions on our health. Budding designer, Tahera Peeran showcased her stunning collection curated with khadi fabric and hand painted with diesel ink (POINK) to encourage the audience to use recycled products and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Speaking about the event, Rajeev Kapoor, India Vice President and CSR Champion, Dell said, “Environmental responsibility is much more than creating eco-friendly products. It’s about incorporating sustainability into every practice. Innovative thinking and eco-friendly designs are the first steps in minimizing the impact on the environment. We support inventions which solve larger problems and are glad to partner with Chakr innovation to address the issue of rising levels of air pollution in the city and initiate a positive dialogue around the issue.”

Adding to this, Kushagra Srivastava, CEO, Chakr Innovation said, “Our aim is to curb air pollution by recycling it. Our product, Chakr Shield helps reducing air pollution by converting diesel soot from generators into inks and paints which can be safely reused. We are proud to partner with Dell which not only promotes but also practices various sustainable methods across its functions. It’s encouraging to see that Dell has been using poink for packaging and printing products at its manufacturing facility in India. We hope to amplify the partnership to capture the air pollution at its source and create a beautiful and greener tomorrow for everyone around us.”

The technology can capture over 90% of the particulate matter emissions from the exhaust of diesel generators without causing any adverse impact on the diesel engine.

“Dell’s key focus on the PC business is evident with the establishment of Dell India’s manufacturing unit at Chennai, which has been using the diesel ink to package and print, a range of client solutions including the award-winning desktop portfolio – OptiPlex. Our customers care about sustainability more than ever, and we constantly look for ways to design our waste and innovate with materials. It’s part of our global commitment to putting our resources and technology to work where it can do the most good “added Navneet Kejriwal, Sr. Director Manufacturing, Dell.