Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade gives further push to maximize its efforts in Special Campaign 3.0

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and the 19 organizations under it continue to implement Special Campaign 3.0, since its beginning on 02.10.2023, under the able guidance of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances.  The campaign has completed its 4th week of implementation and during this period, DPIIT identified all the pendencies relating to VIP References, PMO References, MP References, State Govt. References, Cabinet References, Public Grievance/Appeals, for their liquidation. In addition,  240 cleanliness campaigns have been organized by the Department and  the 19 sub-organizations under the Department.

During the campaign, attention has been given for overall improvement of the working environment in the offices to ensure improved work experience for the officers and officials. As on 31.10.2023,  13273 physical files have been reviewed and 2480 files have been weeded out. The weeding out of physical files and scrap disposal has resulted in 15,363 Sqr. feet frees space and Rs. 9,69,605/- of revenue generation.

In the matter of pendency disposal, 28 out of 39 MP references,  04 out of 09 State Govt. references and all the PMO and Cabinet references have been disposed of. All the 06 rules identified for simplification have been simplified. Efforts are being made to ensure maximum disposal of pendency in respect of Public Grievances and Appeals by 31.10.2023.

Organizations under DPIIT have reported a number of  best practices adopted by them for the cause of environmental cleanliness and protection. Some of them include

(i)National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh ( a design institute under DPIIT) created trash cans made of recycled materials.

(ii) Students of National Institute of Design, Assam ( a design institute under DPIIT ) made bamboo bins and placed them at various locations in Jorhat town.

The Special Campaign 3.0 has helped officers and officials of DPIIT and its organisations to appreciate the clean office environment and the need for overall environmental protection.