Department of Business Administration, Malappuram Centre alumni meet


Aligarh : Former students of the Department of Business Administration, Malappuram Centre, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) from various geographical areas, cultures and time zones relived old days, shared anecdotes of their remarkable journeys and engaged in interactive sessions with the present students and faculty members in the ‘Alumni Meet’ held simultaneous in online and offline modes.

Speaking of the roles alumni can play for their alma mater, Dr Faisal K P (Director, AMU Malappuram Centre) said: “Alumni build and grow a university’s brand through word-of-mouth marketing”.

“Universities view students as lifelong commitments that do not end at graduation. Alumni are resources that can provide meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships over time”, emphasised Dr Mohammed Yashik P (Programme Coordinator).

In the presidential address, Dr Lubna Ansari (Coordinator, Department of Business Administration, Malappuram Centre) explained the vitality of alumni relations and the importance of conducting these meets.

Dr Razi-ur-Rahim discussed how connectivity of the current students with the alumni networks can help them to understand the corporate world.

Shamim Ahmad and Memoona Ansari conducted the event.