Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) organised ‘Sound of Silence’ Virtual Exhibition

Aligarh: Just when the Covid-19 outbreak makes it impossible to exhibit art in brick-and-mortar spaces; the Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) organised ‘Sound of Silence’, a 25-day- long Virtual Art Exhibition in a 3D Gallery bringing in cooperation and empathy in a socially distanced but hyper-connected world.

Available through KUNSTMATRIX, a German 3D Gallery, the exhibition on display has two galleries with 137 paintings, drawings and digital art pieces by undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Fine Arts and Women’s College. These galleries can be visited on the links, ‘’ and ‘′.

“The art fair presents the unique vignettes of artists’ experiences of the unprecedented time with a wide range of stylistic, thematic and conceptual articulation,” said Prof Badar Jahan, Chairperson of the Department and the curator of the exhibition.

“With the misery, chaos, crisis, uncertainty and fear of losing loved ones; there is also this unusual freshness in nature with sparkling blue sky and fresh breeze. Perhaps nature is making people understand the equilibrium between man and nature and pushing us to undo the damage we have done,” pointed Prof Jahan.

The exhibition is braced for giving publicity, acknowledgement and appreciation to the student artists, who keep their optimism and hope during the lockdown to create these beautiful art pieces.

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