Deputy Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam Explores Scientific and Educational Potential of LETI

On 9 April 2024, as part of the visit to St. Petersburg, the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam visited ETU “LETI”. The delegation was headed by Hoàng Minh Sơn, Deputy Minister of Education and Training.

Alexander Krylov, Acting Rector of ETU “LETI”, addressed the guests with a welcome speech.

“Educational and scientific cooperation with Vietnam is one of our university’s top priorities. Today, LETI is one of the largest educational centers that provides high-quality training in such fields as electronics, advanced wireless technologies, artificial intelligence, and medical engineering. Our university holds a leading position in the development of radio-electronic and information systems, human life support technologies and environmental protection. We have a very long history of relations with Vietnam. Since 1965, 810 Vietnamese students have received their degrees at LETI. There is the LETI Alumni Association in Vietnam, which we actively cooperate with. We are planning to improve the applicant selection system and develop new joint educational programs to provide talented Vietnamese students with an opportunity to study at LETI and receive training in the fields which Vietnam is interested in.”

Alexander Krylov, Acting Rector of ETU “LETI”

Hoàng Minh Sơn, Deputy Minister of Education and Training of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, presented an overview on the history of ETU “LETI” and Hanoi University of Science and Technology cooperation. He underlined that Vietnam is interested in the development of those areas of science and technology in which ETU LETI holds a leading position.

“ETU LETI has trained many highly qualified specialists who are holding key positions in our country and achieve significant success in scientific work. The areas of research and professional training at LETI correspond to those which Vietnam is interested in: nanotechnology, IT and others. Today, 53 of our citizens are studying at the university. We are glad to hear that our students are hardworking and they achieve high results, and we hope that this will continue in the future.”

Hoàng Minh Sơn, Deputy Minister of Education and Training of the Republic of Vietnam

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of ETU “LETI”, talked about the prospects for international cooperation and the main scientific and educational directions which ETU “LETI” develops. In addition, Anastasia Minina focused on the opportunities which the university provides for international students: master’s and postgraduate programs in English, summer schools, LETIteach Engineers Training online courses and many others.

After the official part had finished, Alexander Krylov, the Acting Rector of ETU “LETI”, invited the Vietnamese delegation to take an excursion to the laboratories of the LETI Science Park. The guests learned about the university’s developments in the hyperspectral and X-ray imaging systems, laser technologies, motion capture and motion simulation systems.

Then the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam held a meeting with the Vietnamese students pursuing their degree at ETU “LETI” and talked to them about their experience of living and studying in Russia.

During their time in St. Petersburg, the Vietnamese delegation also visited Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University.