“Desafio Gamer” proposes to transform the New Ipiranga Museum into play

During the Games for Change Latin America Festival , which will be hosted by USP between December 5 and 12, the Museu do Ipiranga seeks to “gamify” its memory and transform its collection and history into games, creating new dynamics of interaction with the public. The winners will receive, in addition to rewards and prizes in WiBX and Coin of Peace cryptocurrencies, the opportunity to have their games developed over the course of 2021, scheduled to launch on Independence Day next year. Participation is not restricted to developers and programmers – anyone with an idea can participate. The games, once developed, will be used free of charge by schools and institutions in the field as a teaching tool about the Ipiranga Museum and the history of Brazil.

“The New Museum of Ipiranga has a strong presence in digital media, such as the digitization of the collection at Wiki Movimento Brasil and exhibitions in the Museu do Ipiranga Virtual application”, says the institution’s deputy director, Amâncio Jorge de Oliveira. “At this moment, we have expanded these actions by inviting the community to participate in the Gamers of Ipiranga challenge , so that the public can learn about the Museum and our history while playing”, and concludes: “This is another way to kill the longing for the Museum Ipiranga until we reopen in 2022 ”.

The Gamers Ipiranga is one of the challenges proposed in the VII Games Festival for Change Latin America, online event that brings together mentorias, jams game (activity aimed at creating games), playtestes, trade show, networking, short courses and a competitive stage, Pitch for Change , with special awards. Since 2004, the Games For Change network has trained and encouraged game designers and immersive media to create transformative technologies that facilitate the processes of learning, transformation and democratic emancipation. The festival brings, in its eighth edition in Latin America, opportunities for learning, interaction, immersion, rewards and prizes.