Design talent on show at virtual MPavilion

New Delhi: Design talent on show at virtual MPavilion
The creative talents of RMIT Master of Fashion (Design) graduates will be on show in the film ‘First Look’, premiering at MPavilion 2020 on Monday 30 November.

It’s been a different year for everyone studying remotely during the COVID-19 restrictions, but Dean of the School of Fashion and Textiles Robyn Healy says the online shows are set to impress, thanks to the outstanding work achieved by students throughout the year.

“Our Masters and Honours students have been extraordinary, and we’ve seen some incredible work this year, despite the challenges,” she said

“It hasn’t stifled creativity, if anything it’s blossomed.

“The whole world has been challenged by COVID-19 and major fashion weeks from Milan to Paris have been challenged.

“So now digital platforms have become incredibly important.

“It’s been exciting to see how those in the industry have embraced this challenge, and our students too.

“They’re asking what are the new experiences of fashion and how can we share those?

“The use of film, social media and other ways of presenting collections during this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week is inspirational.”

RMIT Master of Fashion (Design) graduates premiere their work through the film ‘First Look’. A preview that takes place between the spaces of a fashion show, presenting new scenarios for fashion practice and the ingenuity of students continuing to create during a time of uncertainty and changing industry contexts and horizons.

Since 2015 students have responded to the MPavilion architecture and site, this year, discover these emerging fashion design practices online as we celebrate creatively diverse, critical, and thoughtful Master’s graduates posing new propositions for fashion practice.

Other student designs online this weekend
M/FW Student Show
Stunning collections created by 20 students of RMIT School of Fashion and Design are on show alongside other top design schools including Holmesglen Institute, Box Hill Institute, Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia, The Masters Institute for Creative Education and Kangan Institute.

M/FW Digital Student Runway ‘Fashion in a Land of Possibility’

Twenty Bachelor of Fashion (Design)(Honours) students showcase one hero look in a 4-minute fashion film, curated and styled by M/FW Stylist, Stuart Walford.
M/FW Capsule RMIT at the State Library of Victoria
Eighteen students present ‘Swatch: a fragment of a garment, a design, and the potential for a larger piece’.

It presents innovative ideas for future fashion and textile design practice and features a selection of objects and scenarios showcasing the diversity of design thinking from this group of creatives.