Designer Raghavendra Rathore to open Gurukul School of Design in Jaipur

Jaipur : Renowned designer Raghavendra Rathore today announced his new venture ‘Gurukul School of Design’ a design & fashion college that will open in Jaipur. Speaking to the media, Mr. Raghavendra Rathore mentioned that The Gurukul School of Design will teach the value of Indian culture through its interpretation of the Gurukul way of life and impart specialized knowledge to students to become entrepreneurs, as soon as they graduate. The institute will build a “valuable” brand via modern communication skills, emphasize the business hemisphere so that design students can read ‘balance sheets’ and more importantly value the immense knowledge of our heritage and the rich resources.
A special curriculum has been designed meticulously by Mr. Rathore himself and international and local experts, the program stresses on deeper maturity of design, the ability to visualize and market a creative idea with modern communication tools, the business acumen behind the idea and importantly via the Gurukul way of life. The courses will span over four years, taking the students through a journey which will introduce them to a fascinating volley of unique & short courses. These design hacks will strengthen their foundation of design and skill sets which will come very handy later in their lives.
What the student will learn over the course of the four-year course, will be much more than just fashion? Presently, the syllabus is designed principally for “Fashion Design”, but the knowledge of design will be clubbed with the understanding of public relations marketing and management of the business and how to build a brand. The student in the first year will embark on creating a strong foundation for themselves, their-on, they will take up a special mandate to understand the other areas that are crucial for a designer to flourish. Importantly the Gurukul concept will highlight the ability of self-control by imposing checks and balances, disciplining oneself for the life that they will finally embark beyond the college.
So, from understanding the importance of posture, breathing correctly through yoga and thoughtful nutrition, they will have the ability to self-govern under good value system and aim to become an asset to society. Field trips to various relics from the past, palaces, forts, and museums Will help them understand how things were designed and marketed when there were no communication tools of the Internet to research design. How people worked under limitations and what kind of approach did people take to design and market their ideas.
In Mr. Rathore’s own words “It is my understanding that the fashion landscape is evolving rapidly, therefore it is imperative for students to be agile, knowledgeable, pragmatic and have the intuitive ability to take a U-turn if or when necessary, negotiate vigorously, adapt to a changing situation without hesitation and be able to communicate their creative vision clearly, in the noisy business of fashion.”
The location of the campus in Jaipur, will give students immediate access to handicrafts, endless textiles & rare techniques, which makes this region a global cultural hub. The hustle and bustle of a large city which is always a distraction, will be replaced by the serene and calmness of the Gurukul methodology. The aim is to provide a new way of “thinking design” and provide a sound and a holistic education. This will be imparted by a very specialized and select team of faculty sourced from across the globe, their ability to understand the Gurukul methodology is astounding and the enthusiasm very rewarding.