Despite an Economic Slump Affecting the Industry, EduTech Platform Bada Business Keeps Appraisals, Hirings on Course

New Delhi: Even as an economic downturn forces companies across industries to cut costs and slash salaries, leading EduTech platform Bada Business is on course to offer due appraisals to employees while planning fresh recruitments over the next few months. The online platform has witnessed an extraordinary surge in popularity as entrepreneurs seek professional help in reinventing their businesses to tide over the COVID 19 crisis.

Led by Asia’s top business coach and ace motivational speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra, Bada Business is an online education platform for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and management students to help them learn critical business skills to set up or scale up their enterprises. Bada Business has used the lockdown period to turn its focus on educating businesses about strategic approaches that can help them stay afloat and emerge stronger from the crisis. The skills gathered from the online videos have helped many businesses survive and re-strategize for the future.

Bada Business is looking to hire up to 500 new recruits and add 5000 IBC’s (Independent Business Consultants) as channel partners over the next few months.

“This is a time of difficulty for businesses across the spectrum as consumption has fallen in all segments and revenues have dried up. Many businesses have put off appraisals and announced salary cuts for its employees. However, at Bada Business we strongly believe that in these difficult times we have to stand by our employees. As many as 3000 families depend on us. Cutting salary is not an option, rather creating new avenues of revenue generation and cutting unnecessary costs is the right approach. I urge the entire business community to avoid salary cuts of employees,” said Dr Vivek Bindra, Founder & CEO of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd.

Bada Business is working to create an environment of positivity, hope, and confidence and help entrepreneurs optimize their resources and skills during this period. Given the need of the time, the demand for its online courses has skyrocketed over the past month. Dr Bindra, who already has a huge fan base, has added over 5 lakh followers on his social media during the lockdown period, taking his total Facebook following to a whopping 31 lakh. Under the #learnathome programme, Dr Bindra shared valuable lessons on how entrepreneurs can polish their business skills and transform their enterprises to bounce back from this economic slump.

Recalling a tough period of time faced by the business, Dr Bindra underlines how at one time the organization nearly went into bankruptcy and he had to sell his house to pay salaries of employees.

“We didn’t even stop salaries at that time. I sold my house overnight to pay the salaries of my team. That was the only time when we paid the dues with a delay of 7 days. Till today thereafter, there have been no delays in salary processing. Apart from planning new hirings, we are also giving appraisals to our employees as due,” added Dr Vivek Bindra.

Bada Business’ primary focus is on helping small and medium enterprises scale their businesses and achieve bigger outcomes. Over 3 lakh entrepreneurs, students and wantrepreneurs recently attended India’s largest online business lesson organized by Bada Business about intelligent strategies that will help keep the business afloat during and after the lockdown.