Devita Saraf at TEDxGateway 2018 – ‘Technology is the greatest leveller’

Mumbai: Devita Saraf, Founder and CEO, Vu Televisions, hosted the TEDxGateway 2018 VIP dinner to commemorate the evolution of the next generation of technology, entertainment and design.

Devita Saraf was a part of a prestigious panel discussion on “Humanity’s Quantum Leap” with eminent personalities like Mr. Bharat Anand, Professor at Harvard Business School, Mr. Vishal Gondal, CEO of GOQii, Mr. Arun Sundararajan, Professor at New York University and Ms. Rothna Begum, Women’s Right Researcher.

The TedxGateway 2018 panel discussion on “Humanity’s Quantum Leap” brought to light the dichotomous aspect of technology. However, while a few may view this as a threat to the human race, Ms. Saraf believes that technology is an equalizer and is only going to grow and work towards the amelioration of the nation.

On being asked about her views on how the quantum leap is going to affect humans in the next 30 to 60 years, Ms. Saraf said, “I personally believe that the quantum leap in technology means really leading humanity towards advancement, compared to how the world was 100 years ago in terms of connectivity, society, families and healthcare. Technology has always been able to help humans achieve those and gain knowledge from across the world”.

Elevating the realm of technology to boosting empowerment in the global world, she further added that technology doesn’t judge. “A common question asked to me is what is it like to be a woman in business and I always say that a computer doesn’t know if I am a man or a woman, young or old, it only sees whether I am smart or not. So I would always say that technology is a tool that will help us progress in every field”.

Ms. Saraf truly believes that technology is a great equalizer, irrespective of caste, creed or religion and enables productivity, leading to the prosperity and empowerment for the world, as a whole.

She quotes, “Technology is a mental race. It’s not going to be an age, gender, financial, or national race. It’s all about how an individual, country and the world as a whole adapt to the tools of technology so that we grow mentally as a race irrespective of one’s background. Technology is a fabulous equalizer!”

Taking charge as one of the pioneering women in the technology space, Ms. Saraf concluded her opinion on an inspirational note, “I strongly believe that whoever wants to be an entrepreneur or an inventor, should have the right tools of technology and the right thinking, to be able to survive, get ahead, and feel at par with everybody in the world. I really do hope that technology brings to the world, Equality’.