Dia Mirza flags off Sunteck’s pristine Suruchi beach initiative

Mumbai- The sea inspires a sense of calmness and peace in us. Standing on a beach, staring at the ocean often relaxes us and relives our most cherished memories. We are inspired by the mild breeze and a gentle stroll on the sands, absorbing every bit of the natural charm around us. Most often, the cleanliness and the virginity of the beach play an important part in evoking such emotions.

Vasai’s Suruchi beach is one such pristine beach, rated as one of the cleanest and the most environment-friendly beaches in and around MMR, Suruchi beach – known for its long line of beautiful Suru (Casuarina) trees – is a favorite locale for beach lovers for its magnificent sunset and sunrise views as well as visually alluring scenery around the spot. Families find solace in evenings in the vicinity of the beach to play, relax and enjoy with children while the adventure-loving youth indulge in various aquatic sports. Blessed with immaculate scenery and breath-taking sunset views, the beach is unique in many ways and worth preserving every bit.

As part of its ongoing “sustainable lifestyle drive,” Sunteck Foundation, along with Sunteck Realty, joined hands to organize the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative at Suruchi Beach on Tuesday morning. The event was conducted in association with a leading NGO, United Way Mumbai. Flagged off at 9 am by the actor and a Goodwill Ambassador of United Nations Environment Program, former Miss IndiaDia Mirza, the event attracted several volunteers, enthusiasts, and locals from all over Mumbai. The actor arrived dressed in ankle-length black leggings and a Sunteck tee-shirt. Sporting her trademark smile, Ms. Mirza was seen mixing freely with the volunteers. The beauty queen looked athletic in her size 8 A6 sneakers. Her beautiful long hair was tied up high in a ponytail neatly tucked through a Sunteck cap sitting pretty on her head. Expressing her joy at being approached by Sunteck for such a noble cause, she added: “I am thrilled to be associated with Sunteck for such a worthy initiative. As a proud Mumbaikar, I am always concerned about maintaining and preserving its natural beauty. I see this as a positive step forward in that direction.”

The present sustainability drive is a part of Sunteck’s ongoing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives to contribute to conserving the habitat and environment. Besides the beautification of the beach, the program has also enhanced the pathways to the beach with gardens lined up with palm trees and paver blocks, resembling renowned beaches around the world. The luxury realty developer is playing a proactive role in creating the best-in-class infrastructure to access and enjoy the beach beside a long-term strategy to preserve its freshness and serenity.

Sunteck Realty Chairman & Managing Director Kamal Khetan added: “Our initiative is to maintain the coastal beauty of the pristine Suruchi beach. It is a step forward in ensuring a greener environment for Mumbai and those who long to have a serene and clean beach experience. As responsible corporate, we stay committed to sustainability. We believe “My coast is indeed My responsibility.” I am highly delighted to say that Sunteck is on a mission to inspire and involve everyone in preserving these gifts from mother nature and our historical legacy.”

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