Dictation in Karelian and Vepsian languages

On April 20, in the Youth Innovation Park of PetrSU, an interregional action “Dictation in the Karelian and Vepsian languages” will start, timed to coincide with the Day of Karelian and Vepsian writing.
The dictation in Livvik, Ludik, actually Karelian dialects, Tver dialect of the Karelian language, Vepsian language will be written at 60 sites in the Republic of Karelia, Tver, Vologda, Leningrad regions. The estimated number of participants is about one thousand people.

The action will start on April 20 at 11:00 in the Youth Innovation Park of Petrozavodsk State University.

The actors of the National Theater of Karelia – Alexandra Aniskina, Yulia Kuykka, Andrey Gorshkov will act as announcers.

For those who will not be able to join the writing of the dictation on organized platforms, the national editorial office of the Karelia TV and Radio Company will prepare videos with the reading of the dictation, which will be aired from April 20 to 25, and will also be posted on social networks.

The aim of the action is to expand the scope and popularize the Karelian and Vepsian languages, promote the ethnocultural development of indigenous peoples, and develop Finno-Ugric cooperation.

To become a participant in the action and write a dictation at PetrSU, you must register using the link.

The full list of the sites for the action is posted in the group “Dictation in Karelian and Vepsian languages” on the social network “VKontakte”.

The organizers of the action are the Ministry of National and Regional Policy of the Republic of Karelia together with the Regional Public Organization “Union of the Karelian People”, the Karelian Regional Public Organization “Society of Vepsian Culture”, Petrozavodsk State University, State TV and Radio Company “Karelia”.


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