DIEM professor Lauri Saarinen voted Teacher of the Year 2020

Assistant Professor Lauri Saarinen of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of Aalto University is a renowned expert in operations management, specializing in local production and international supply chains. His teaching focuses on data analytics in operations management.

Lauri’s teaching exhibits his respect for students and strives to improve learning even in the remote mode of education. His well-illustrated teaching sessions cover practically relevant problems in an engaging, theoretically rigorous way.

“This award came as a surprise to me, but it is a pleasure to note that my work has been beneficial to the students.” says Lauri, and adds that “I have enjoyed every moment of teaching and engaging in case work and discussion with the students of Industrial Engineering Management program. Nevertheless, our quick move to the remote mode of operations has been challenging for all of us, not least for the students.”

Warmest congratulations to Lauri on this recognition! The recognition by the Prodeko Guild is granted for Lauri Saarinen’s long-term commitment to improving higher education and student learning.

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