DIET Doda organises Online Teachers Training

Doda: District Institute of Education and Trainings, Doda organised an online Teachers Training Programme under IMPACT for the Grade II and III Teachers.
The first phase of a five day training program concluded today where 2120 teachers of Grade II and Grade III are trained. The training is being conducted under guidance and control of Samagra Shiksha and under the close supervision of DIET Doda.
Principal DIET, District Nodal Officer (IMPACT), Lal Hussain, and other faculty members are making all possible efforts for conducting the training and the trainee teachers are also responding well in the large interest of the students.
The Principal Secretary, School Education Department, inaugurated the said online training programme and in the first round of 362 teachers of Grade II and Grade III of Doda and Ghat zones participated. In the second round teachers of zone Assar and Bhagwah were taken up for training followed by all the remaining zones. In all 2120 teachers of Grade II and Grade III got strengthened by providing them a fruitful training and utilizing the period of Covid-19 (Pandemic) for their professional development.
After completion of five days training programme of 1st phase, the teachers of all the zones of the District are busy in 2nd phase of training of 21 days in the field at their respective community centres.
The second phase of 21 days is likely to complete soon in some zones and they shall enter in the 3rd phase of assessment programme. After completion of all three phases i.e. 5 days online training, followed by 21 days field work at the community centres and finally three days assessment test will really boost up Teachers capacity and ultimately benefit will go to the children at gross root level.
All the stakeholders including the community are expressing their gratitude towards the department for regularly conducting such training.

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