Digital career environment of PetrSU

PetrSU continues to develop a digital career environment based on the inter-university platform “Faculty”, which unites more than 130 Russian universities.
The system is available for posting vacancies and internships, selecting applicants, proposing events, conducting tests and much more. This system is used in PetrSU as an accounting system, all data for collections, mailings and publications for the PetrSU Career Center group are based on it. The platform hosts digital job fairs.

Benefits for students and graduates:
Permanent auto-renewable bank of vacancies / internships.
Ability to create a resume.
Selections of vacancies.
Full calendar of events with registration of participants and other functions throughout Russia.
Based on the digital footprint data, the Faculty platform reads the specifics of each faculty or direction, forming career trajectories and recommendations.

Registration of a student of PetrSU:
Go to the PetrSU page:
Click “I am a student”.
Fill out your resume in the “Profile” section.
Subscribe to Petrozavodsk State University.
Benefits for employers:
You can independently select students from the CV database and send them invitations.
It is possible to form a personnel reserve.
Vacancies are automatically updated with tracking of relevance – the system automatically brings everything from and “Work in Russia”.
Selection of several universities for cooperation and staff recruitment.
The ability to create an event by adding a link to the webinar, an address – whatever is needed
HR partner registration:
Go to the PetrSU page:
Click “I am an employer” or “Become a partner”.
Log in as an employer (authorization is available through HeadHunter) or enter an existing profile if you are already working with universities through the “Faculty”.
In the personal account management of vacancies is available (including integrated with and “Work in Russia”), management of responses, selection of applicants, proposal of events and more. All posted current offers are also automatically seen by the PetrGu Career Center in the registration system and disseminated through the university’s channels. Students and alumni can also become company ambassadors, keep the organization for the future, take educational courses and participate in events that are preserved in their portfolio.
All responses from the resume and sent invitations are reflected in the “Responses” section, all new ones will be notified to the responsible employee of the organization. All responses with resume are available for viewing directly in the system, as well as in uploading to Excel or via API (for CRM and HRM).

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