Digital concerts unite citizens in Mexico City

Mexico City, a UNESCO Creative City of Design since 2017, has transformed into a world-renowned centre of art and a hotspot for creativity. The constantly growing and developing megalopolis, home to 22 million inhabitants, has been recognized for its innovative approach to design after being awarded the title of the World Design Capital in 2018.

Design and Creativity are widely acknowledged as lever for social, economic and cultural change, and are at the heart of the city’s social development strategy. Mexico City has array of design festivals, including the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño (Mexican Open Design), Design Week Mexico, and City Mextrópoli.

To provide city inhabitants with regular access to cultural service as well as to strengthen social ties and foster cooperation between communities during the current spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Culture of Mexico City launched a dedicated and innovative website Cultural Capital in Your Home. It allows inhabitants to participate in scheduled cultural events and activities virtually, thereby supporting artists and cultural workers, in spite of the restrictions on public gatherings.

This online platform gathers and provides access to all the digital cultural activities provided by both the city and other city based cultural institutions.

One of the flagship events that was facilitated through this innovative platform was the digital concert “Spring Night”, held on March 21, 2020, to celebrate the beginning of springtime. Many acclaimed Mexican musicians of diverse genres and backgrounds participated in this concert. The event was broadcasted from the Teatro de la Ciudad and gathered 1.5 million online spectators – making it a great success.

Thanks to this dedicated website, the ‘Great Festivals’ – composed of 17 festivals usually organized throughout the year, will be streamed as scheduled in the coming months.