Digital Strategy – New path-breaking course introduced by Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon

New Delhi : In keeping with the evolving business landscape of today, one of India’s leading business schools, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, is offering Digital Strategy as a specialization in its One Year Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM). This area of specialization was added to the PGPM curriculum in 2021 to skill future managers in leveraging digital technology-based processes and solutions in all the aspects of their businesses.

Digital transformation strategies are no longer optional. As newer technology breakthroughs continue to fundamentally disrupt the corporate landscape, businesses are experiencing their turn-of-the-century moment. They need a plan for how to breathe, think and act as a digital entity in a market saturated with products and ideas.

Building upon this indispensability of digital strategies, this year-long PGPM program — ranked 12th among one-year MBA programs in India — consists of a bouquet of courses reflecting the imperatives of the wave of the digital transformation sweeping the corporate world.

These courses are aimed at creating a structured foundation for PGPM graduates to understand, design, and lead digital transformation strategies and processes in organizations. A large number of the B-School’s recruiters come from the business consulting domain and this arm of GLIM Gurgaon provides exceptional talent to such consulting companies as they ramp up their digital advisory and design services.

As a pioneering management institute with a knack for innovative curriculum design, GLIM Gurgaon fills the gap for the Digital Strategy specialization at a crucial time when the industry demands it, which differentiates its flagship program from the conventional business programs in the country.

In addition to PGPM’s emphasis on developing competencies, teamwork, leadership, inclusivity, and value-based management creating, the course nurtures high-potential candidates into responding to complex business challenges in the digital domain.

The courses included in this new specialization area are Digital Enterprise Strategy, Design Thinking, Enterprise Resource Planning, Digital Marketing, Big Data, Cloud Analytics, Technology Product Management, and Fintech.

GLIM Gurgaon, believes in creating business-ready leaders for tomorrow, with its cutting-edge programs for dynamic business needs and curriculum design innovation as per evolving industry needs. It leverages world-class faculty and deep industry engagement at its strategically placed campus in the corporate hub of Delhi NCR.

The introduction of the Digital Strategy specialization is a reflection of the sustained effort of incorporating new-age content in the courseware of the PGPM curriculum. GLIM Gurgaon was the first in the country to introduce Business Analytics and AIML as a part of the Business School curriculum and today the institute is known amongst recruiters for being the happy hunting ground for talent acquisition in the realm of Business Application of Data Science.

Prof. Venkatesh Umashankar, Director – PGPM at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon said, “The future success of organizational existence, whether they are for-profit or not-for-profit orientated, will largely depend upon how customer/stakeholder centric and efficient they become; and more importantly how agile are in all their value-chain processes, be it go-to-market strategy and execution; supply chain cycle time and costs; employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention; product development etc. Corporations are scrambling to respond to this agility challenge by leveraging digital technology.”

Prof. Debashis Sanyal, Director – Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon said, “Great Lakes Institute of Management,Gurgaon, has constantly updated its globally benchmarked curriculum with a focus on key emerging areas including digital business, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our Digital Strategy vertical has been immensely successful among students right from its introduction, and we are delighted to offer this much-needed specialization to the upcoming batch.”