Digitate Launches ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace to Transform End-user Workplace Experience

Mumbai : Digitate, a software venture of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, today announced the launch of ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace, a self-healing, end-user experience management software that helps employees and service desk teams increase productivity and achieve better business outcomes.

Building on ignio’s core AI and ML capabilities, ignio AI.Digital Workspace proactively performs probable cause analysis, triages and remediates issues in endpoint devices and other end-user technologies before users notice them. The solution’s fast responses and quick resolution of issues with a self-service approach doesn’t require calls, forms or long waits, saving time and service desk resources and improving the employee experience. This results in better endpoint visibility and personalized, context-aware workspaces.

ignio AI. Digital Workspace reduces end-user incident requests and automates repetitive tasks, thereby reducing IT costs and improving service desk efficiency. By ensuring 100% availability of applications on end-user devices, the software improves employee productivity, enhances end user experience, and boosts operational resilience.

In a Forrester report[1], analyst Andrew Hewitt writes that, “81% of global services decision makers say their firms are undergoing or investigating a digital transformation, and 35% of those are investing in workforce enablement technology to drive it. These leading firms know that delivering a superb technology experience to employees is key to enhancing productivity, improving the customer experience, and driving top-line revenue growth.”

AI.Digital Workspace adds to the comprehensive ignio suite of offerings that leverages AI/ML to address business needs, including ignioAI.Ops, ignioAI.WorkloadManagement, ignioAI.ERPOps, and Cognitive Procurement.

Akhilesh Tripathi, Global Head, Digitate, said, “A business user loses more than 100 hours a year due to IT-related disruptions, often during peak work hours. IT support teams are equally challenged to keep devices and applications compliant while managing user experience due to volume of work and ad-hoc requests. The current global COVID-19 situation and employees working from home has further magnified this problem. By deploying ignio AI.Digital Workspace on endpoint devices, ignio automatically detects and fixes errors, preempting service requests. This significantly reduces the burden on support teams resulting in improved user experience and productivity.”

[1] Forrester Research, Inc., The Forrester Tech Tide™: Digital Workspace Tech For Employee App Enablement, Q2 2019 by Andrew Hewitt

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